We are experts in optical
technology of methane

MIPEX TECHNOLOGY provides revolutionary development in the market of gas analyzing equipment – unique IR methane and hydrocarbon gas sensors with extremely low power consumption


MIPEX TECHNOLOGY proudly presents the results of long-term work, the unique products – ultra low power inrfared gas sensors protected by number of patents. MIPEX NDIR gas sensors utilize the patented technology of Light Emitters and Photodiodes based on A2B4-A2B6 solid state alloys which are highly effective for hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon dioxide (CO2) detection.

The advanced design of unique miniature IR gas sensors makes them ideal for solar, battery powered and wireless application.

MIPEX miniature IR gas sensors are applied to all industrial safety segments and have distinctive features including: 

  • Operation within the wide temperature range
  • Low humidity influence
  • Long term stability
  • Industry approved size 16.6x20mm
  • Microcontroller inside
  • Immunity for harsh environment
  • Long life

 And the most important:

Ultra Low Power Consumption

MIPEX IR methane and hydrocarbon gas sensors consume less than 3 mW, that is 50 times as less as competitive gas »»

Intrinsically Safe IR Gas Sensor without Sinters (Metalceramic Filters)

One of the unique features of the MIPEX IR gas sensors is its highest level of intrinsically »»

Direct Replacement of Pellistors (Catalytic Bead Sensors)

MIPEX TECHNOLOGY also offers a version of infrared gas sensor which is intended for direct replacement of catalytic »»