MIPEX Evaluation kit


MIPEX Evaluation Kit - MIPEX EVK contains:

Evaluation board - MIPEX UUC for PC communications via USB;

- Test software - MIPEX ETS;

- One-place calibration adapter - MIPEX CA (optional).


Evaluation board - MIPEX UUC has socket for USB cable connection and doesn't require separate power supply.

Evaluation board - MIPEX UCC for PC communications via USB


For testing purposes we offer friendly software - MIPEX ETS, awailable for downloading. Please be noted that this revision of MIPEX ETS is designed for sensors with firmware ver.22.6 and higher. If you have sensors with the firmware lower than ver.22.6 please contact our customer support: support@mipex-tech.com. 

You can also use other terminal software.

MIPEX evaluation software - MIPEX EST


Optionally avaliable to order a specially designed one-place calibration adapter - MIPEX CA which perfectly suites MIPEX IR gas sensors and makes calibration the easiest way. You can also use MIPEX CA with any gas sensors of Ø20mm.

One-place calibration adapter - MIPEX CA