MIPEX-03 series of infrared gas sensors


MIPEX TECHNOLOGY proudly presents the most advanced technology available in the market - the third generation of MIPEX infrared combustible gas sensors.

MIPEX-03 sensors operate by using NDIR principle. The sensor contains LED with optimized spectrum and signal processing algorithm, an optical system, specially designed photo diodes, an imbedded temperature sensor and electronics to process the signals.

The sensor communicates with instrument electronics via digital or analog output. Having power consumption less than 3,5 mW MIPEX-03 sensors reach less than 10 second response time.

All MIPEX-03 sensors have the highest level of intrinsically safe explosion protection “ia”. To meat exacting customer requirements ‘intelligent’ MIPEX-03 sensor with microcontroller inside provides extended features and amongst other advantages dramatically reduces development cost and time.

More than 70 modifications of MIPEX-03 sensor are now available for order.


• Measurement range up to 100% vol. methane (CH4)
• Providing linearized, temperature-compensated measurements
• Digital or analog output
• The storage of calibration, temperature compensation and linearization data
• Ultra low power consumption – less than 3 mW
• Highest level of intrinsically safe explosion protection “ia”