MIPEX-02 infrared sensors for above ground applications (Group II)


MIPEX methane hydrocarbons and CO2 sensors

General description

MIPEX infrared gas sensors for methane,hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide detection.

Used operating technology - NDIR.

Sampling method – diffusive.

Communication with recording-and-measuring equipment  via UART interface.


  • Ultralow power consuption - less than 3 mW
  • Measuring range up to 100% vol. methane
  • Microcontroller and temperature sensor inside provide linearized and temperature compensated output readings
  • Highest level of intrincically safe explosion protection 'ia'
  • Calibration constants are saved in nonvolatile memeory;
  • Sinters free
  • Hydrocarbons cross sensitivity data are available (option)

Design versions

Wireless fixed gas detector with MIPEX sensor

MIPEX-02 infrared gas sensors are available in three housing types:

metallic standard  - loaded conservatively and having enviromental stability;

fast response metallic - with additional side holes, providing improved speed-of-response due to more active diffusion;

plastic standard - having comparable with metallic one parameters and smaller weight.

Sensors in metallic housing are used mainly in portable and compact devices, as well us in applications with agressive environments, for example in stall barns and poultry factories.

Sensors in "fast response" housing provide T90<10s and are ideal for fixed detectors where improved response time is required.

Plasic sensors are suited for price sensetive devices.

MIPEX sensor outline drawing
Technical specifications
MIPEX manual
MIPEX universal notation