MIPEX-02 infrared gas sensor family

Датчик контроля метана/пропана МИП ВГ-02


MIPEX-02 sensors use  NDIR technology, based on differential absorbtion of infrared  radiation in gases. 

Main parts of MIPEX sensors are:

LED with optimized emission spectrum, optical system, specially designed photodetector and hardware-software solution for signal processing.


   > Method of sampling - diffusive;
   > Measurement range: 0 - 100% vol. methane; 0 - 100% LEL propane; 0 - 2,5% vol. CO2;
   > Explosion protection Ex iа I U / Ex iа IIC U;
   > Housing size: ø20×16.6мм;
   > Controller inside;
   > Communication protocol: UART;
   > Power consumption < 3 mW;
   > Several design modifications
   > Used as:


MIPEX sensor outline drawing

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