MIPEX TECHNOLOGY proudly presents the most advanced technology in the hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide detection for industrial safety applications.

Having more the 15 years of design and manufacturing experience we can fairly announce that we have created excellent product – MIPEX infrared gas sensors. MIPEX sensors have had a significant impact on the combustible gas detection market.

Unique MIPEX sensors offer opportunities for significant expansion of the scope of the existing markets and create the new ones from scratch:

-creating a market for disposable portable combustible gas detectors;

-the formation of a number of wireless solutions and systems;

-expansion of the boundaries of fixed gas detectors and systems.


MIPEX infrared gas sensors applied to all industrial safety segments, including Oil & Gas Extraction & Refineries, Chemistry & Petrochemistry, Fire/Hazmat& Mining, Power/Utility & Water/WasteWater, Biogas and more




• ULTRA LOW power consumption

• Metal & plastic housing

• Long term stability

• Digital & analog interface

• Controller inside

• Easy calibration

• Long life


MIPEX sensors have ATEX, IECEx and ETL certificates.

For evaluation and testing purposes we offer to apply friendly MIPEX EVK - evaluation kit operating through PC together with our special software or standard terminal program.

You can DOWNLOAD the description of the MIPEX Evaluation Kit and the MIPEX Evaluation Testing Software from the section Technical Support