About MIPEX TECHNOLOGY / Optosense



The history of MIPEX TECHNOLOGY / Optosense’s product manufacturing is about 15 years – exactly so much time was spent by specialists for development and implementation of the unique technology.

In the middle 1990s engineering companies ICO Ltd. and IGM Instruments joined their efforts in order to implement common innovation project – development of new generation of explosive gas sensors. They together started development of the first prototypes of optical IR (NDIR) gas analyzers to detect methane and total hydrocarbons based on semiconducting optical couplers of domestic manufacture. Later on when the necessity to transfer from individual production to serial one had occurred, the following institutional investors RE Complex Systems JSC and Rusnano JSC acceded to the project.

In general, the project turned out to be successful as much as possible, in many ways due to the following terms of its implementation:

- domestic manufacture of electrooptical components, LEDs and optoelectronic sensors providing the possibility to promptly change their parameters adapting to the requirements of the task for the company’s product manufacturing;
- prompt involvement of financial partners in order to increase the scale of manufacturing and expand the sales market.

As of today, Optosense is an integrated production of participating companies IGM&I, ICO, RECS and Rusnano. Joint efforts of the partners have allowed providing all required developments and refunding OptoSense LLC establishment with production facilities up to 120 thousand sensors per year.

The company products are marked as advanced ones by several independent examinations. While development of the project the innovations were protected by a number of patents (Application No. 015155, priority date 08.04.2008, RF patents No. 2208268, 2287803, 2187093). The project success is confirmed by profitability and maintainability of sensor operation in all scopes of application.

Company has been certified under the requirements of ISO-9001.